Jupiter on July 08, 2007

Over the past two weeks, I have set up my telescope on four separate evenings on the sidewalk just ouside of my garage. It is on a residential street, and many people come by in their cars and on foot.

Each evening I set up, I have an average of a half-dozen people that come to look through my telescope, ranging from parents with their children, young adults, and senor citizens. Since the police station is just down the street, many times patrol officers come and look. Last night I showed Jupiter to a young Gardena police officer. He was interested, more so than many other policemen have been.

I store my telescope fully assembled in my garage, and roll it out on a dolly for setup. I have made it as convenient as possible for myself, so it makes it easier to get the incentive to set it up (I used to leave it all broken down into components and stored in crates).

Over the past ten years, I have participated in a lot of astronomy-club based outreach, both with the Orange County Astronomers and also the Mount Wilson Observatory community.
But doing outreach at home as an individual has its conveniences, especially in these times of high gasoline prices.


~ by matthewota on July 8, 2007.

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