Minotaur Launch from Vandenburgh AFB

On September 22, 2005 at 7:24 pm local time, the U.S. Air Force launched a classified payload on a Minotaur launch vehicle. The Minotaur is derived from the old Minuteman ICBM, using solid propellant atages.

I took this image of the vehicle right after it had fired it’s second stage. Since the launch occured at sunset, the sun was still shining at the high altitude the vehicle was at. So the vapor trail was very bright. The photo was taken at Bixby Park, and the children on the swings there were freaking out because they had no idea what it was.

The trajectory took the vehicle due south frm Vandenburgh, so the satellite went into a polar orbit. I have absolutely no idea what the satellite was.


~ by matthewota on September 23, 2005.

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