Life is the Beach

   Manhattan Beach, that is. After a twenty year abscense, I am getting used to the people and places in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County again.

   I was dismissd from  my job yesterday, after serving them a two-week notice that I was leaving.  So I called my new employer and told him that I could start on Wednesday. This gave me a one-day vacation today, Tuesday August 30th.

   I did my laundry and a sign drawing this morning, then drove out to Hermosa Beach at noontime.  I parked my truck near “The Strand” at the Hermosa Beach Pier, and unloaded my bicycle so I could get around easier.

   The culture at Hermosa Beach is still the same as twenty years before. More bicycles are seen than cars. It makes for easier getting around in the narrow alleyways. There is alo a bike path that runs clear from Redondo Beach Harbor to Manhattan Beach and beyond.  So I rode my bike all the way up to Manhattan Beach and took the photopan at the pier there.

  Then I rode all the way back south to Hermosa Beach and got some pineapple shave ice. I then browesed around the stores. I found a bike shop that replaced my broken pedals and inflated my tires for $9.00.

  I went to a New York Pizza restaurant and had some Mostachiolli and Meatballs, and then visited a shop called “Scorpio” that sold patches and sitckers of all kinds.

By 5 o’clock my parking meter timed out, so I got back in my truck and drove back to Gardena.

It sure was a pleasant day at the beach. It will be easy to fall back into that lifestyle, one that I enjoyed twenty years ago and that I can now enjoy again.


~ by matthewota on August 30, 2005.

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