Nisei Week Grand Parade 2005

Kim and I attended the 65th annual Nisei Week Japaese Festival Grand Parade last Saturday. We got to see floats, bands, politicians, local Japanese American celebrities, and Japanese dance troups.

The photo shows four survivors, some of the last of the 442nd Rct Btn “Go For Broke” Japanese American veterans of World War II.  They fought for the USA while their parents and siblings were interned in relocation camps in the western US.  These men, more than any other, gain my highest repect of all.  They overcame predjudice and  adversity to  prove their loyalty and honor under the worst of conditions.  They saved hundreds of Texans trapped behind enemy lines, while incurring more casualties amongst thier own than the number of troops they rescued.

But predjudice and unjustified hatred of Japanese Americans still exists. The Japanese American War Memorial in downtown LA was recently defaced, most likely by white supremacist groups.
Many people still cannot differentiate between Japanese Americans and Japanese people

But most people are more intelligent and are not so narrow minded about the JA’s. The festival is now attendedby not only JA’s but also many hapa people (like me) and also people of other races and ethnic backgrounds.


~ by matthewota on August 18, 2005.

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